«Our main task here is to use every opportunity to diversify Russian-Indian relations and to actively promote projects in such areas as high technologies, aviation and machine building, medicine and the diamond industry»

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia


I have no doubt that your diplomatic missions will be paying great attention to the Russia-ASEAN anniversary summit that will take place in Sochi on May 19–20. We are preparing actively for this big international event, which will give us the opportunity to look back over 20 years of productive cooperation between Russia and the countries of Southeast Asia, and to outline promising new projects. We also intend discuss the prospects for developing cooperation between the ASEAN countries and the Eurasian Economic Union. I am sure that this summit will help to generally bolster the spirit of trust and cooperation throughout the whole Eurasian area.


Vladimir Putin
President of Russia


Source: kremlin.ru

«The launch of the Eurasian Economic Union offers new opportunities for expanding business ties. Indian companies can operate on this market with millions of consumers using common, more liberal terms»

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia


We hope in particular that the establishment of the National Coordination Centre for Developing Economic Relations with the Asia-Pacific Region Countries will make it possible to launch new projects with Russia’s involvement.

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

Source: kremlin.ru

Eurasian Economic Union has started its work on January 1, 2015.This marks our transition to a new and higher integration stage that will make us more effective in modernising our countries’ economies and making them competitive. We will carry out a coordinated policy in the key industrial sectors, energy, and agriculture. We will remove the barriers in the way of free movement of goods, services, capital and labour. The common Eurasian market will start to operate according to universal, transparent and clear rules based on the World Trade Organisation’s regulations and principles.

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

Source: kremlin.ru

Our goal is to have as many equal partners as possible, both in the West and in the East. We will expand our presence in those regions where integration is on the rise, where politics is not mixed with economy, and where obstacles to trade, to exchange of technology and investment and to the free movement of people are lifted. We see how quickly Asia Pacific has been developing over the past few decades. As a Pacific power, Russia will use this huge potential comprehensively.

Vladimir Putin
President of Russia

Source: kremlin.ru


Far East Investment and Export Agency presents Investment Opportunities and State Support Measures in Russia’s Far East (in Russian, in English). The Agency official web-site: http://www.investvostok.ru/en/

Astana EXPO-2017 World Specialized Exhibition will be held from June 10 to September 10, 2017

The theme of the Exhibition will be “Energy of the Future”. The Exhibition is aimed at promoting solutions and ways to ensure sustainable energy management.
The thematic pavilions will be organized within the Exhibition: “World of Energy” (to demonstrate possible solutions for more sustainable development of energy in future), “Energy for the Future” (to explore energy saving and energy efficiency concepts), “Energy for All” (to demonstrate mechanisms of energy access for people and research studies on energy markets globalization) and “My energy of the Future” (to focus on individual responsibilities for effective and cost efficient energy use). A zone of best practices will be created where the best technologies, projects and strategies in various spheres of sustainable energy will be presented, in particular in production, saving and use of energy, addressing climate change and providing access to energy in developing countries.
One of the key EXPO-2017 events will be the Forum “Energy of the Future”. The Forum programme will include panel sessions, conferences, symposiums, discussions, thematic weeks, roundtables and workshops. The discussion of the Forum will focus on prospects and modern technologies of the future energy, including such strategic areas as carbon reduction, promoting energy efficient technologies and providing a universal access to sustainable energy. The Forum will be attended by business leaders, representatives of the speciliazed international organizations, non-governmental organizations and expert community.
To subscribe to the Exhibition Newsletter please visit: https://expo2017astana.com/newsletter
Official web-site of the Exhibition


APEC CEO summit official web-site has been launched
Within the Peruvian presidency APEC CEO summit will be held in Lima on November 17-19, 2016. The discussion of the summit will focus on inclusive growth, healthy and productive workforce, innovations, sustainability, closing infrastructure gaps and improving the regulatory quality.
For expressing the interest in participating and requesting an invitation please fill a form at: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form?EQBCT=8bb5c1737e3247b2bf71194f0abb379a.
APEC CEO summit official web-site: http://apecceosummit2016.com/
APEC CEO summit is a key forum in the Asia-Pacific region at which the CEOs and APEC state leaders discuss doing business in the region issues, in particular further trade and investment liberalization measures, improving business environment, economic and technical cooperation development between the countries. APEC CEO summit is organized since 1996. Over the period of its existence the event has become a successful platform for a direct dialogue between the Asia-Pacific businesses and state authorities.


On 1-3 November 2016 the Russian-Asian international business forum will be held in Moscow

On 1-3 November 2016 the largest event in the field of trade and economic relations of Russia and Asian countries will be hosted in the World Trade Center in Moscow. "Russia - Asia" Forum (Russian-Asian international business forum) is a modern venue, where the key contact points between the economies of CIS countries and Asia will be determined during the discussions, and where a framework for making decisions that will ensure growth and stability in the current environment will be developed.

The main objectives of the forum are to increase the attractiveness of Russia for investment, to strengthen the economic connections between Russia and Asian countries, including the CIS, China, Japan, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Thailand and others, and also to attract foreign capital to the Russian economy.

The forum should become a permanent platform for the dialogue of business circles of Russia and Asia, and for presentations of the exclusive investment opportunities of the Russian Federation, including practical tools and mechanisms of cooperation. Politicians and business leaders from various sectors, recognized experts and scholars, representatives of media and the civil society are invited to participate in the forum. "Russia-Asia" Forum will be visited by more than 2,000 participants from dozens of countries.

The rich business and cultural program, including more than 30 open discussions, press conferences, private meetings, b2b and b2g negotiations, and also the exposition of Russian and foreign companies-manufacturers and suppliers from various sectors will be organized within 3 days of the forum.

Online: http://raibf.com/en/registration/


First ASEM Youth Entrepreneurial meeting will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 25-29, 2016
First ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Youth Entrepreneurial meeting will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on October 25-29, 2016. The meeting is aimed to boost business engagement between youth entrepreneurs of the ASEM countries.
The organizers of the meeting will provide local transportation, accommodation and meals for the participants.
If you are interested in participating or receiving more information please contact Ms. Elizaveta Safonkina by phone +7 495 663 04 04 ext. 1233 or email: SafonkinaEA@rspp.ru.
Additional information on the meeting (concept paper and administrative arrangements)



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Open Data in Russia

Russia fully supports the Open Data Initiative. Russian Open Data portal data.gov.ru contains 2425 datasets on a wide number of topics such as economics, trade, construction, government, cartography, security, transport, tourism, culture, education, sport, ecology etc.

“Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region are developing very fast. They already account for 60% of the Gross World Product and almost 45% of all direct foreign investment. This giant market opens up tremendous opportunities, and we should make the most of them.”

Dmitry Medvedev

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

We expect that in the long term share of the Asia-Pacific region in the external economic relations of Russia may exceed 40%

Alexei Ulyukayev

Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation


Eurasian Economic Union
Russia is a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). The EEU is an international organization for regional economic integration. It has international legal personality and is established by the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union. The Union was created to comprehensively upgrade, raise the competitiveness of and cooperation between the national economies, and to promote stable development in order to raise the living standards of the nations of the Member-States: Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan


Eurasian Economic Union official web-site
Eurasian Economic Union documents
Eurasian Economic Commission official web-site