WE-APEC online platform

Women’s Entrepreneurship (WE-APEC) initiative was established by the Policy Partnership for Women in the Economy (PPWE) in 2014 with aim to connect women entrepreneurs to each other, to the private sector to access the vast range of goods and services available from women-owned enterprises, and to government services that help businesses grow.
WE-APEC focuses on the entrepreneurship ecosystem - the community of inter-related actors and service providers around women entrepreneurs of all kinds, including micro-enterprises, SMEs, large companies, lenders, business associations, suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors, government agencies and so on that are or support entrepreneurs.
The WE-APEC initiative aims to help the main institutional service providers within this ecosystem that support women entrepreneurs—business networks, private sector initiatives and government services—share experiences and best practices, and develop connections that can help entrepreneurs access new markets and increase international trade.
Each service provider is categorized by the five priority areas: access to finance; access to markets; skills, capacity building and health; leadership, voice and agency; and innovation and technology.
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