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Executive Director of the NCC APR Mr. Anatoly Drantusov addressed the workshop for the Russian companies interested in doing business with China

The workshop for the Russian companies interested in doing business with China was held in Moscow on 11 April 2018. The event was organized by the National Coordination Center for Developing Economic Cooperation with the Countries of Asia-Pacific Region (NCC APR) and NCC APR intellectual partner – KPMG.
The discussion focused on work with Chinese partners as well as main risks Russian companies face when entering the Chinese market or cooperating with Chinese partners across Russia and the CIS. The main focus was made on informational preparations before entering the Chinese market and working peculiarities in tax sphere in China.

Making opening remarks at the event NCC APR Executive Director Mr. Drantusov emphasized that, according to the RSPP surveys, a large number of the Russian companies working in such spheres as machine construction, chemical industry, agri-business, metallurgy and construction is interested in the Chinese market.
However, 5 main categories of barriers exist disrupting the Russian companies activities in China, namely: tariff and customs barriers; non-tariff barriers; technical and sanitary/phytosanitary/ veterinary barriers; investment access restrictions; as well as piracy of intellectual property.
In this regard state and business should join forces to move these barriers away, - concluded Mr. Drantusov.
Mr. Drantusov`s talking points (in Russian)