World Bank`s Vietnam 2035 report is released

The report includes recommendations to help lift Vietnam to upper-middle-income status in two decades. Reaching the ambitious goal of upper-middle-income status would require Vietnam to grow at least 7 percent per year, raising the average income level to over $7,000 – or $18,000 in purchasing-power parity terms – by 2035, compared with $2,052 – or $5,370 in PPP terms– in 2014.
According to the report, to implement a comprehensive goal to develop a modern and industrialized nation moving toward becoming a prosperous, creative, equitable, and democratic society by 2035 six key transformations will be needed: (1) to enable economic modernization with a competitive private sector firmly in the lead; (2) to improve the country’s technological and innovative capacity; (3) to reshape urban policies and investments for more dynamic cities and urban centers; (4) to chart an environmentally sustainable development path with increasing adaptation and resilience to changing climate patterns; (5) to promote equality and inclusion among marginalized groups for the development of a harmonious middle-class society; and (6) to establish a modern rule of law state and a democratic society. As World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim pointed out, “These aspirations stand on three pillars: One, to balance economic prosperity with environmental sustainability; two, to promote equity and social inclusion; and three, to bolster the state’s capacity and accountability”.
The Vietnam 2035 report was prepared jointly by the Government of Vietnam and the World Bank Group. A high-level Steering Committee was established by the Prime Minister of Singapore to oversee the preparation of the report. Report preparation process took 19 months.
World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim Opening Remarks at the Vietnam 2035 Report Launching
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