2018, #1 (Special issue)

A special issue of the “Asia-Pacific News Brief” under the theme “International Economic Cooperation in the New Realities” on the occasion of the Russian Business Week on 5-9 February 2018 is released.

The special issue opens with an article by the RSPP President Dr. Alexander Shokhin on the global and regional economic development trends (in Russian, in English). The article emphasizes that one of the most important factors in the long-term development of the world economy is the introduction of technological innovations, most evidently manifested in the form of a trend towards the digitalization of the world economy. According to Dr. Alexander Shokhin, in view of the uncertainty caused by the combination of existing and prospective world economy trends, it is vital to use the current growth period to implement structural reforms that will allow the economy to adapt to the changing realities of the global market and to reduce the gap between developed and large developing countries on critically important parameters of economic development and competitiveness.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Renova Group, President of Skolkovo Foundation, and Chairman of the RSPP International Cooperation Committee Victor Vekselberg in his article (in Russian, in English) shares with the readers his vision of the digital economy. As Victor Vekselberg emphasizes, the digital economy is a complex social-economic and organizational-technical system. Its effective functioning directly depends on a balance of various elements (technical, infrastructural, organizational, programmatic, regulatory, legislative and others), as well as harmonious cooperation of the new digital civilization’ actors. From Victor Vekselberg`s point of view, Russia has all needed prerequisites for further unlocking digital potential and accelerating the pace of digitalization. However, building of new digital economy requires a mutual understanding not only between industry, business and education but also legislative bodies. Principally important factors are regulation of access to the data, including private data, and implementation of the regulatory mechanisms, i.e. defining requirements to machines, equipment and processes.

Alexey Mordashov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Severstal PAO, and Chairman of the RSPP Committee on Integration, Trade and Customs Policy and WTO presents his vision (in Russian, in English) of effective search of new solutions in the new global context. According to Alexey Mordashov, an effective search of new solutions, addressing lags and strategic challenges in the context would not be feasible without integration into the globalized world. Deepening of integration process and consistent reduction of barriers in bilateral relations, including cumbrous customs procedures, infrastructure barriers, etc. are needed.

The next section of the special issue is devoted to the regional trends in the APR. The article “Political and economic risks in Asia-Pacific in 2018: impact on business” (in Russian, in English) provides an assessment of economic environment in the APR, as for beginning of 2018, as well as makes a prognosis of potential risks in various spheres, in particular economic, financial, environmental and security.

The article “Trends in Russia’s trade and investment with China, Korea, Japan and ASEAN member states” (in Russian, in English) presents most recent statistics, in particular on goods export and direct investment.

The special issue contains three overviews of business climate in Vietnam (in Russian, in English), India (in Russian, in English) and the Republic of Korea (in Russian, in English).

The special issue concludes with a section devoted to the Asia-Pacific multilateral institutions` activities outcomes, in particular Russia`s activities in the APEC Tourism Working Group (in Russian, in English) and outcomes of the Vietnamese APEC presidency and its importance for businesses (in Russian, in English).

The full text of the special issue in Russian and in English