Vladimir Kolesnikov

Date of birth – May 8, 1951

Education – higher education, Saratov State University (Saratov), historian;
Diplomatic  Academy of the USSR Foreign Ministry (Moscow), diplomat.

1987 till 1997 – diplomatic service abroad
1998 till 2008 – served on the Russian Federation President’s Administration and in the RF Government; served in the Office of the RF Security Council

2009 to date – ZAO Renova, Deputy Director for GR and international relations, Director of the International Cooperation Department.

Pursuant to his competence, Mr. Kolesnikov supervises and participates in the establishment of close contacts with Russian and foreign business communities, as well as in interacting with national political circles.

Serves as a Deputy Chairman of the Russian part of the Russian-Chinese Chamber for machinery, technology, and innovative project trade facilitation.

Is actively involved in promoting the industry section in cooperating with countries of the region in the field of machinery and technology with a view to developing non-resources trade between APR countries.

Active Class 3 Counselor of state.

Holder of state awards; has been issued a number of commendations by the President of the Russian Federation and Chief of Staff of the Russian Federation President.